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What on earth, Paul C, do you think that two Iraqi wars, the Afghan war(s)
etc are all about.... we are seing a constant struggle for the redivision of
the world. This includes the strategy of creating a great arc of instability
in the middle east since the Iraq-Iran wars.

Paul B

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> The problem is that from 1920 onwards the communists based their strategy
> on anticipation of a new world war which would lead to revolutions.
> This was a reasonable guess at the time and turned out in 1936 to be
> right.
> But if you read Stalin in 1952 he was still set in the same old groove,
> expecting another war between Germany, France and the USA which would lead
> to another round of revolutions. This was wild of the mark.
> The question we have to ask is whether there is likely to be another world
> war based on the old model of empires dividing the world as the Kaiser and
> Hitler tried to do?
> It is possible that China will play this role, but I remain to be
> convinced
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> Paul C:
> but I dispute that
> the use of Lenins analalysis of the Great War is much help to us today.
> Dogan:
> Lenin's theory of imperialism is about its nature, and not just about its
> certain form or stage.
> Surely, no one with some sort of reliable sense would deny that we have to
> analyse the contemporary situation. To say this is childsch. It goes
> without saying.
> The point is this: what principle do we need to lie down: contradiction
> (competition) or unity and harmony. The former serves the basis for Marx's
> analysis of
> capitalism and Lenin's analysis of imperialism, the latter serves the
> basis of Kautsky's hypothesis of ultraimperialism that have not been
> formulated yet.
> And It will not be as it is a myth.
> D.Göçmen
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