Re: [OPE] Britain--parasitic and decaying capitalism: A comment

From: D. Göçmen <>
Date: Wed Dec 30 2009 - 07:40:22 EST

Paul C:
but I dispute that
the use of Lenins analalysis of the Great War is much help to us today.

Lenin's theory of imperialism is about its nature, and not just about its certain form or stage.
Surely, no one with some sort of reliable sense would deny that we have to analyse the contemporary situation. To say this is childsch. It goes without saying.
The point is this: what principle do we need to lie down: contradiction (competition) or unity and harmony. The former serves the basis for Marx's analysis of
capitalism and Lenin's analysis of imperialism, the latter serves the basis of Kautsky's hypothesis of ultraimperialism that have not been formulated yet.
And It will not be as it is a myth.



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