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Please read what I said in the article re the occupation of Iraq and
Afghanistan and don't make up my argument. I clearly say it is an
expression of inter-imperialist rivalry.

David Yaffe

At 23:36 29/12/2009 +0000, you wrote:
>The social relation was exported no question about that, but my point was
>to critique the idea that the export of capital was a way of absorbing
>excess surplus value. It would be more realistic to see late 19th century
>imperialism as relating to the export of labour. Recall the demographic
>profile of Germany and the UK as population surplus areas. Canada,
>Australia and South Africa were sites for exporting surplus
>population. William, left with the deserts of the Kalahari, the swamps of
>the Ovango coveted areas more suitable for white settlement -- hence the
>ambitions for colonisation in South America, from which followed the need
>to challenge the Monroe doctrine, and fromwhich followed the contingency
>plans to invade the USA to enforce claims to Venezuela.
>It is worth reading the tin. IN 1900 the leading states were all quite
>open about being empires with territorial claims. The situation today is
>totally different.
>The suggestion that the US intervention in Afghanistan is for economic
>motives of capital export is total joke. The only capitalist power
>exporting capital on any scale to Afghanistan is China not the USA. Who is
>developing the mineral reserves, copper mines there -- China, not the USA.
>USA only invaded Afghanistan after 9/11 as a cack handed attempt to strike
>back at those who attacked it.
>Iraq is a rather different matter, here supplies of credit from the Saudis
>was probably the motivating factor, but that does not fit in to the old
>analysis of imperialism either.
>I feel DY is attempting to apply to the 21st century an analysis that was
>at best a partial fit to the early 20th.
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> > How real then is the idea of capital export as underlying even late
> > 19th century imperialism.
>Hi Paul C:
>If you think of the export of capital as an export and expansion of a
>social relation (most especially, the class relation between capitalists
>and wage-workers) then it's quite real (but not without its contradictory
>In solidarity,
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