Re: [OPE] Britain--parasitic and decaying capitalism: A comment

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this is the point that always needs making... the 'export' of the capital
relation, its strengthening and keep the pump running ... all
the time. For that, reinforcements are always called for, money, troops,
guns, 'culture', bribes.... Suprisingly, after OECD pressure, the UK has
just now actually for the first time ever (the state having covered up for
years) found a company guilty of bribing foreign officials!! Dozens of them
from Ghana to Jamaica...

.... the comments made in this exchange seem to point to no labour
aristocracy, no division in the working class, no distinction between
imperialist and 'other' countries, even now apparently no real export of
capital... I find it amazing, almost surreal... a bit like 'no global

paul b

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>> How real then is the idea of capital export as underlying even late
>> 19th century imperialism.
> Hi Paul C:
> If you think of the export of capital as an export and expansion of a
> social relation (most especially, the class relation between capitalists
> and wage-workers) then it's quite real (but not without its contradictory
> aspects).
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