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You may want to read a devastating critique of Charlie Post's standpoint in
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! by Steve Palmer.

They are in FRFI 195 and FRFI 196

I also wrote a series of articles (6) on the Labour Aristocracy and
Imperialism in FRFI 161 - 166. The first article shows how central to the
theoretical and political work of Marx, Engels and Lenin etc

The first article can be found at

I have no intention of answering criticisms of Third Worldism and my
suppposed division into 'bad' and 'good' capitalist countries. The points
are simply insulting.

David Yaffe

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>On 2009-12-29 03:05, D. Göçmen wrote:
>>labour aristoctratism functions almost everywhere almost in the same way.
>>The logic is the same.
>In addition to the serious deficiencies of this theory of 'bribery' that I
>pointed to, you may also want to read:
>The Labor Aristocracy Myth
>Charlie Post
>"Despite its intellectual pedigree and longevity, the labor aristocracy
>thesis is not a theoretically rigorous or factually realistic explanation
>of working-class reformism or conservatism. This essay undertakes an
>examination of the theoretical and empirical economic claims of the labor
>aristocracy thesis."
>//Dave Z
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