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 I understand. I was misguided by your quotation mark. The statements below are then not just oversimplifications of David's views but also false presentations. I suggest you read David's well argued paper more carefully. after having read David's paper carefully I could not come to these conclusions. Can you plase indicate passages where David might have implied such views?

"Workers, your struggles for better wages and livingconditions are not only useless since they perpetuate imperialism, theyare also immoral for you are the exploiters of the Third World. Youconstitute an oppressor nation, and whatever you do will be immoraluntil you destroy imperialism."

"Your nation is being looted by foreigners. The cause ofyour misery is the exploitation by *foreign* capital, if you just getrid of them you will be free, i.e. national independence."

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  Dogan wrote:

I do not know where you get thesequotations from. They are certainly not in the paper I downloaded fromthe link you sent. Are they something you think you can conclude fromthe paper or quoted from somewhere else. From what I read from David Iknow he would never say something like that without further qualifyingit.
I did not say they were quotations from the paper, I wrote that theywere the political *corollaries* of the analysis and line of argumentgiven in the paper.

The issue is not the author's intentions, which I will take for grantedare honest and good. The issue is (i) the validity of the analysis and(ii) its political implications.

This said I do not see anythingwrong with David's article
Then what is your take on the theoretical problems and weakly supportedexplanations that I tried to highlight previously?

(The failure to distinguish extra-economic coercion from the laws thatoperate through the market; the cause of high real wages in theadvanced countries; the cause of higher wages within the professionalmiddle-class; the actual flows of money and goods between economies;the domestic reproduction of the real wage vector; the extrapolation ofthe British economy to all advanced or 'imperialist' economies and soon?)

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