[OPE] paper on the dynamics of the law of value

From: Ian Wright <wrighti@acm.org>
Date: Wed Dec 23 2009 - 16:04:39 EST

A new paper of mine might be of interest to OPE-L. It's a formal model
of disequilibrium supply/demand dynamics in a multi-sectoral economy.
Part 1 of the paper is restricted to simple commodity production. I am
currently working on part 2, which extends the analysis to simple

You can download the paper here:

There are a number of things in this paper that might be of interest:
 - Proper disequilibrium dynamics that occur in real-time (i.e., not
at all like neoclassical tatonnement!) involving both price and
quantity adjustments.
 - An integration of short-period scarcity dynamics with long-period,
classical natural prices proportional to labor-values (for
reproducible goods)
 - A proof of local stability of the classical adjustment process in
this special case
 - A more philosophical discussion of the relationship between
labor-value and price, using Mirowski's distinction between field and
substance theories of value as a foil. I tackle the question of the
material nature of the value substance with reference to this dynamic
model. This question has been discussed quite a lot over the years on

I'd be happy to receive any comments, either offline or online.

Merry xmas to all!

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