RE: [OPE] Merry secular christmas for everyone.

From: Antonino G. Callari <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 14:27:12 EST

Here is one Christmas related clip I thought I'd share with everyone.

>From: Josh Kornbluth []
>Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 4:23 PM
>Subject: * "A Communist Christmas": Free Holiday Video! *
>Hi, Friends:
>I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season!
>Just wanted to let you know that I've posted a new little video on
>my <>website. Titled "A Communist
>Christmas," it was filmed and edited by my 12-year-old son, Guthrie.
>Last year, as he and I and my wife, Sara, were selecting a Christmas
>tree, I told him the true story of how my late father (his Grandpa
>Paul) had improvised a revisionist Santa Claus myth when I was a
>boy. Guthrie loved this tale, and since then has urged me to
>capture it on video. So we recently headed over to the nearby
>Christmas-tree lot with our little Flip camera and (with the kind
>permission of the people at the Delancey Street Foundation) shot
>this video.
>As we were setting up, I was telling Guthrie about my old block on
>the Lower East Side of New York, when a man standing nearby -- he
>was there with his girlfriend to buy a tree -- interjected that they
>had just moved here to Berkeley from that very neighborhood. After
>we'd chatted for a bit, I asked this guy -- his name was Noah -- if
>he might be willing to listen to me tell my story while Guthrie
>filmed us; graciously, this stranger said, "Sure."
>So that's what you can see in our video -- which is interspersed
>with a few photos of my dad (and one of a young me with his
>then-girlfriend, Sue Kover, who later became my beloved stepmother).
>We hope you enjoy it!
>(Profuse thanks to Joe Mallon for his technical assistance with my
>website! And by the way, you can find the previous "featured video"
>-- my interview with Robert Reich about healthcare -- in the "Media"
>section of the site.)
>A few more quick things:
>I'll be doing two free improvs towards the expanded, theatrical
>version of my new monologue, Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?, next
>Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 21 and 22, at 8 p.m. at The Jewish Theatre
>San Francisco. All the original slots for audience members have
>been filled -- but since I still wanted some of my email pals to be
>able to attend, a few more have been made available; call
>415.292.1233 to reserve one of the remaining seats (and be prepared
>for a certain amount -- okay, a lot -- of exploratory rambling!).
>The finished show, which began as a commission by the Contemporary
>Jewish Museum, will open at
>J in Washington D.C. on March 6 of next year and at
>in S.F. on April 8.
>To get $10 off at my <>online store,
>just enter the code "JOSHOLIDAY" (case-sensitive). ... By the way,
>great news from the nice folks at Sony Home Entertainment: Haiku
>Tunnel, the "office comedy" I made with my brother Jacob in 2001, is
>being produced and sold again, under their cool new "Signature"
>imprint. (It had been out of stock for quite a while.) So now you
>can get it either at my store or at places like (For
>the Red Diaper Baby book and DVD, however,
><>my store is still the place to go.)
>Jake and I are thrilled to be shooting the next "installment" of our
>second feature film, Love & Taxes, on Jan. 3, 4, and 5. We have
>secured a fabulous location -- at the very first San Francisco law
>firm to fire my sorry secretarial ass, back in the day. There is
>still time to contribute to our (very) independent film (which got a
>nice mention yesterday at the
>Post) and receive perks like a visit to the set -- or even a
>(non-speaking) role in the movie! Just go to
><>our page at for
>details (and to watch the latest "pitch video" from Jake and me, as
>well as a clip from a previous Love & Taxes shoot). And thanks
>again to everyone who has already donated!
>Delicious <>Malie Kai chocolates are now
>being sold at both locations of the Berkeley Bowl -- as well as at
>fine stores around the country and world. A few years ago my
>brother-in-law Nathan Sato, who had long been doing computer stuff
>at Cal-Berkeley, fell in love with a beautiful woman named Miki,
>married her, and moved to Hawaii -- where they launched a little
>company that makes rare Hawaii-grown, single-estate chocolate.
>Though (sadly!) I have nothing to gain financially from their
>success, I can tell you that their many varieties (including dark,
>milk, dark nibby, and milk nibby -- and who can resist saying the
>word "nibby"?) are up at the rarefied level of Nathan's
>family-renowned key lime pies. Malie Kai chocolate bars make
>excellent stocking-stuffers -- and could even, with a bit of effort,
>be wedged into particularly large menorahs!
>Because yes, here in Berkeley -- as in my farflung family -- we are
>equal-opportunity holiday-celebrators. Case in point: a few days
>ago, a sidewalk Santa Claus wished Guthrie and me a happy Hanukkah.
>I wish all of you the happiest of every holiday you celebrate! Or,
>as a Communist Santa might say, "Ho Ho Ho (Chi Minh)!"
>Take care,

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