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The Economic Crisis Reader

Date of publication:November 2009

AboutTable of Contents
1. General Explanations
1.1 Inequality, Power, and Ideology Arthur MacEwan
1.3 Recession, Depression, Repression: What's in a Name? John Miller
1.3 That '70s Crisis Alejandro Reuss
1.4 Crisis and Neoliberal Capitalism David Kotz
1.5 Capitalism Hits the Fan Richard D. Wolff
1.6 We're All Minskyites Now Robert Pollin
1.7 The "Credit Tsunami" Steve Keen
1.8 Profits, the Business Cycle, and the Current Crisis Paul Mattick
1.9 The Greed Fallacy Arthur MacEwan
2. Warning Signs
2.1 Bubble Trouble Dean Baker
2.2 A House of Cards Tamara Draut and Adria Scharf
2.3 (Mis)Understanding a Banking Industry in Transition William K. Black
2.4 America's Growing Fringe Economy Howard Karger
2.5 Financialization: A Primer Ramaa Vasudevan
2.6 Private Equity Exposed Orlando Segura, Jr.
2.7 Hedge Funds Arthur MacEwan
2.8 The Fed and America's Distorted Expansion Thomas I. Palley
2.9 Who Cares If Bear Stearns Fails? Arthur MacEwan
2.10 Can the Fed Handle a Systemic Crisis? Maybe.Jane D'Arista
3. The Housing Crisis
3.1 The Homeownership Myth Howard Karger
3.2 Confidence Trick John Miller
3.3 Renters in the Crosshairs Daniel Fireside
3.4 How to Stop the Foreclosures? Fred Moseley
3.5 The Fannie/Freddie Bailout Fred Moseley
3.6 Who Gets Those Trillions? Arthur MacEwan
4. The Financial Crisis
4.1 From Tulips to Mortgage-Backed Securities Gerald Friedman
4.2 Ponzi Schemes and Speculative Bubbles Arthur MacEwan
4.3 Derivatives and Deregulation Marty Wolfson
4.4 Dealing with a Rotten Tooth Arthur MacEwan
4.5 Time for Permanent Nationalization! Fred Moseley
4.6 Trust Your Gut William Greider
5. Monetary Policy
5.1 Pushing on Strings Gerald Friedman
5.2 Bernanke's Bad Teachers Gerald Friedman
5.3 The Bailouts Revisited Marty Wolfson
5.4 Focus on the Fed William Greider
5.5 Keynes and the Limits of Monetary Policy Alejandro Reuss
6. Fiscal Policy
6.1 Stimulus Whining John Miller
6.2 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deficit John Miller
6.3 Responding to Revisionism Gerald Friedman
6.4 Fiscal Policy and "Crowding Out" Alejandro Reuss
6.5 Why Are Things Getting Worse and worse? Arthur MacEwan
6.6 The Economic Crisis in the Sates Gerald Friedman
6.7 State Budget Blues Marianne Hill
6.8 Bail Out the Safety Net Randy Albelda
6.9 Saving Energy Creates Jobs Heidi Garrett-Peltier
6.10 A New WPA? Ryan A. Dodd
6.11 Rebuilding the Auto Industry from the Wheels Up Alejandro Reuss
7. The International crisis
7.1 Putting the "Global" in the Global Economic Crisis Smriti Rao
7.2 (Economic) Freedom's Just Another Word for...Crisis-Prone John Miller
7.3 The Specter of Capital Flight Marie Duggan
7.4 Tax Havens and the Financial Crisis Rachel Keeler
7.5 Beyond the World Creditors' Cartel Dariush Sokolov
7.6 No Bailout for AIDS Mara Kardas-Nelson
7.7 Beijing Statement on the Global Economic Crisis
7.8 Caracas Statement on the Global Economic Crisis
8. Workers and the Crisis
8.1 The Global Crisis and the World Labor Movement Dan LaBotz
8.2 The Real Audacity of Hope Kari Lyderson and James Tracy
8.3 Corporate America's Counter-Stimulus Strategy Roger Bybee
8.4 Worker Direct Action Grows in Wake of Financial Meltdown Immanuel Ness
and Stacy Warner Maddern
8.5 Gender and the Recession Heather Boushey
8.6 The Real Unemployment Rate Hits a 68-Year High John Miller
8.7 Unemployment Insurance: A Broken System Marianne Hill
8.7 Should We Be Talking About Living Wages Now? Jeannette Wicks-Lim

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