[OPE] Venezuelan Govt siezes bankers assets, worker's movement re-organises

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Subject: [venanalysis] Venezuelan Govt siezes bankers assets, worker's movement re-organises

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This week in Venezuelan news the government seized banker’s assets after several executives fled the country to avoid fraud charges, and the Venezuelan worker’s movement has moved to re-organise itself through an extraordinary congress of the National Union of Workers.
In analysis we publish several commentaries on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s November 20 call to form a “Fifth Socialist International.”
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Venezuela Seizes Assets of Bankers Charged with Fraud
December 13th 2009, by James Suggett - Venezuelanalysis.com
After national investigators announced that several banking executives are suspected to have fled the country to avoid fraud charges, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ordered the seizure of the bankers’ financial and non-financial assets.
Venezuela Attends MERCOSUR Summit, Promotes Integration with Uruguay and Argentina
December 10th 2009, by James Suggett - Venezuelanalysis.com
On a two-day diplomatic trip this week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez attended the 38th ordinary summit of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) in Uruguay, held his first diplomatic meeting with Uruguayan President-Elect Jose Mujica, and visited Argentina to review bilateral economic and political accords.
U.S. Protecting Venezuelan Fugitive Rosales, Says Minister
December 10th 2009, by Tamara Pearson – Venezuelanalysis.com
The U.S. government is complicit in protecting former Zulia State Governor Manuel Rosales, who gave a speech in Washington, D.C. last week even though there is a red alert for his arrest before Interpol, said Venezuela’s justice and internal affairs minister, Tarek El Aissami.
Venezuelan Bank Fraud Case: Three Executives Flee, Government Intervenes in Related Companies
December 9th 2009, by Tamara Pearson – Venezuelanalysis.com
Following the government’s nationalisation of two banks and liquidation of two others for banking law infractions, three bank executives fled to the U.S., and the government intervened in food companies owned by currently detained bank owner, Ricardo Fernandez.
Chavez: Morales’ Electoral Victory in Bolivia, a Victory for Latin America
December 8th 2009, by Kiraz Janicke - Venezuelanalysis.com
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez congratulated his Bolivian counterpart Evo Morales for his landslide electoral victory on Sunday saying it was a victory for all of Latin America.
Venezuela’s National Union of Workers Holds Extraordinary Congress
December 7th 2009, by Kiraz Janicke - Venezuelanalysis.com
Venezuela’s principal trade union federation, the National Union of Workers (UNT), held the first session of its 1st Extraordinary Congress on December 5. The aim of the extraordinary congress is to re-found the federation since its 2006 congress collapsed in disarray as a result of factional infighting.
Venezuelan Minster Resigns as Brother is Arrested
December 6th 2009, by Tamara Pearson - Venezuelanalysis.com
On Saturday Venezuelan police arrested Arne Chacon, bank president and brother of Chavez’s minister for science and technology, Jesse Chacon, for his supposed involvement in financial crimes.
Venezuelan Government Triples Police Wages
December 6th 2009, by Tamara Pearson - Venezuelanalysis.com
The police making up the new National Bolivarian Police will receive a “dignified” wage as well as a package of benefits, president Hugo Chavez announced.
Opinion & Analysis
Lessons from Venezuela
December 11th 2009, by Vanguard
Venezuelan Ambassador to Nigeria Enrique Fernando Arrundell could not have offered his advice on Nigeria’s management of its petroleum resources at a better time. The anchor of government’s argument is that higher prices would draw foreign investors to the down stream sector of the industry.

“The 5th International Requires a New Left Culture”
December 10th 2009, by Jesús Manzanárez - Correo del Orinoco
In this interview with the Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Orinoco, Chilean writer Marta Harnecker insists on the preponderance of social movements in order to mature ideas, and considers the accumulation of progressive forces in Latin America irreversible.

Fat, Gay and Proud: A New Kind of Venezuelan Beauty Queen
December 8th 2009, by Rory Carroll - The Guardian
It is another beauty pageant in Venezuela, a self-styled "beauty superpower" which worships physical perfection and has won the two most recent Miss Universe titles. But this show in Caracas is different. Even from the back of the theatre you noticesomething striking about the contestants. They are men. Large, chubby men.
Between Caracas and Delhi
December 7th 2009, by Reuven Kaminer - Venezuelanalysis.com
It seems more than a coincidence that two important conferences of the international left took place last month, in November 2009. One, the 11th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties was held in Delhi, India and the other, a World Meeting of Left Parties, met in Caracas, Venezuela.
Chavez's Lines: December 6, 11 years later
December 7th 2009, by Hugo Chavez Frias
It is necessary to insist on the profound difference between the logic of the revolutionary state we are creating – which makes people a priority – and the logic of the bourgeois state.

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