RE: [OPE] Anti-imperialism and nationalism

Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 - 08:29:48 EST

> Of course, but there is a fundamental difference: the socialist
> project aims to abolish the division of people into classes. It is a
> form of universalism.
Hi Dave Z:
Yes, but the road to universalism is paved with 'particularism'.
For instance, a pre-condition in my view for real working-
class unity is the class as a whole coming to recognize
and accept the demands of particular components of the class
such as women and racial minorities. In US radical history, women
and African-Americans have often been told - by socialist
groups - that their demands are "divisive" and need to be put on
hold - all in the name of "working-class unity". This is not
my understanding of what genuine working class unity represents.
Since David Y and others alrady alluded to 'the Irish Question',
it might be useful to consider the import of that question as
it relates to the "road to universalism". Marx mentioned,
in this regard, that the English working class will never be free
so long as the Irish are oppressed. What do you think he meant
by that? Was he right?
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