RE: [OPE] Anti-imperialism and nationalism

Date: Thu Dec 10 2009 - 09:59:09 EST

> 1. The theory is still valid, but imperialism itself has changed in
> important ways since the theory was formulated. Most significantly, almost
> all the territories that were then colonies have now become independent
> nations. A section of the left (the 'third-worldist' section, we might call
> them) refuses to wake up to the implications of this change.


Hi Paula:


The implications of the demise of colonialism are certainly important to

understand - just as the implications of the emergence *neo-colonialism* are

essential to grasp the actual relations among nations in the post-colonial

capitalist world.


> 2. There are still oppressed and oppressor nations, but we need to be
> careful with these categories.



Yes, nation states in imperialized areas can also deny the right of

self-determination to minorities within their nations. Often the roots

of these divisions can be traced back to the division of labor created

by colonialism.



> To my mind, the right to self-determination is a
> fundamental democratic right.



I agree - and here I disagree with Dave Z. The right of self-determination

should extend to entities other than oppressed nations. E.g. poor

communities in struggle: they have the democratic right to make decisions

(and mistakes) for themselves without (know-it-all) "activists" from outside

of their communities attempting to impose their tactics and strategies on them.

The right to self-determination is also, in my view, about respect -

respect for the ability of working and poor communities to make decisions

for themselves; respect for _their_ experiences and knowledge.



> But the third-worldist left usually turns a
> blind eye to the oppression perpetrated by the 'Third World' nations
> themselves, and aim their anti-imperialist rhetoric only at the 'West'.



This sometimes happens, to be sure. For example, before the invasion

and occupation of Iraq I remember some radicals who called for the

unconditional support of Saddam Hussein and objected to any criticism

of the policies of his regime! Unconditional right for the self-

determination of oppressed nations does not mean uncritical support

for the native bourgeoisie or even 'progressive' governments in those



In solidarity, Jerry

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