SV: SV: [OPE] Sraffa's and others' writing style

From: Anders Ekeland <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 10:46:47 EST

Hi Jerry,

seems like time to round off since to me your last contribution has little substance - and I do not understand your irony.

The transformation problem - the relation between money and value - is a real one - for all schools in economics. If you think it is only some Marxian quarrel - you're wrong. Just take a look at the article by A. Sinha "A Sraffian critique of the classical notion of centre of gravitation " CJE, 2009, 33, 1065?1087.

Was it Sraffa's intention to critize this Smith/Ricardo/Marx idea? What was the relation of the static models of PCBMC to real life dynamics? Doesn't that merit a line or two.

The same goes for MH - as Jurriaan pointed out - each and every paragraph cries out for clarification given the accumulated (sad, depressing) experiences with, their degeneration, fragmentation etc.


> Yes, Anders, the transformation problem continues to be discussed by Marxists.
> It's a long-standing joke to that small minority of economists and radicals
> who understand what is meant by that expression. The joke isn't about
> Marx, it's about the ongoing hunt by Marxian economists for the Holy Grail.
> Monty Python has nothing on us! What a pity that Harnacker didn't include
> a section on the TP in her "Ideas for Struggle"! If onbly Sraffa had engaged
> more directly and extensively with that question. Hahah. Sorewhere
> Sraffians are laughing about that thought.
> In solidarity, Jerry
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