Re: SV: [OPE] Sraffa's and others' writing style

From: Jerry Levy <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 09:55:16 EST

> PCBMC as such is not discussed, the transformation problem - the use or misuse of
> linear algebra in grasping real life economic phenomena are, but not the PCBMC.


Yes, Anders, the transformation problem continues to be discussed by Marxists.
It's a long-standing joke to that small minority of economists and radicals
who understand what is meant by that expression. The joke isn't about
Marx, it's about the ongoing hunt by Marxian economists for the Holy Grail.
Monty Python has nothing on us! What a pity that Harnacker didn't include
a section on the TP in her "Ideas for Struggle"! If onbly Sraffa had engaged
more directly and extensively with that question. Hahah. Sorewhere
Sraffians are laughing about that thought.

In solidarity, Jerry
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