Re: [OPE] Marta Harnecker's Ideas

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Sun Dec 06 2009 - 10:42:53 EST

> Very generally I should say that the weakness is that her observations
> don't demonstrate the material /class basis of these political conflicts
> and impasses, and she deals with very general rights and wrongs, but
> discussed in concrete contexts her somewhat 'philosophically' posed
> questions are important to take up.

Hi Paul B:

I think I agree with your point here, but as you suggest, the format of the
article readily allows for others to take up the issues posed within the
context of more concrete situations. It would be interesting to learn
groups of companeras and companeros in Venezuela and elsewhere have
already discussed Harnecker's ideas and to hear what ideas they came up
with. I suspect that part of the purpose of MH's "Ideas" was to intervene
in PSUV discussions about the way forward.

In solidarity, Jerry

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