RE: [OPE] intermission: value of knowledge

Date: Fri Dec 04 2009 - 07:48:07 EST

> Dogan wrote:
> as far as I know in political economy the debate concerns the question what kind of informatišn can be
> codified and consequently commodified.
[Dave Z wrote:]
> All information can be quantified and encoded.
Hi Dave and Dogan and others:
Yes, but not all information takes the commodity-form.
> On the contrary, I'm trying to keep the discussion up-to-date with the materialist conception of
> information that arose from engineering and computer science. Information theory in general does *not*
> depend on an agent. Information is a quantity that exists, regardless of the existence of agents.
But, whether information takes the commodity-form and has value depends critically
on agents'. Unless the information, for instance, has a use-value, then it can not have
an exchange-value, express value, or be a commodity.
> In commodity form, the amount of money these copies fetch on the market will on labour value and rents.
> The influence of the latter will depend on the level of monopolisation and legal restrictions through
> patent rights.
That (value) gets us back to SNLT and the constituent elements of the commodity, though.
We can't exactly calculate the rent-effect for a commodity if we don't first know the
In solidarity, Jerry

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