[OPE] In the news: the decline of economics in Holland

From: Jurriaan Bendien <adsl675281@telfort.nl>
Date: Fri Nov 27 2009 - 21:15:18 EST

Job prospects for university economics students are very bad in Holland, and
will remain so at least until 2014, according to the Dutch Research Centre
for Education and the Labour Market.
Economic-administrative occupations are hardest
hit - in this sector some 217,000 jobs are estimated to be disappearing in
the next four years. The number of insurance agents will decline by 12%, and
there is little new demand for more accountants, economists, and
advisors. Because economics faculties have been inundated with students in
recent years, the supply of economists is much greater than the demand for
them. In 2008, about 34,000 students studied for an economics degree, 15.5%
more compared to 2007. Since the total population of university students
is about 213,000, economics students represent 15.9% of all university
students. In 2013, a net 220,000 fewer people will be employed in
Holland than now. Employment will decline in all sectors except the caring
professions, medical and pedagogic occupations. In the medical sector, the
demand for staff is rising to nearly 2%, the welfare/caring sector 0.35 and
the pedagogic sector 0.1%. The biggest number of the estimated 1,255,600
new jobs created until 2014 will be created by people exiting the jobs they
had. (De Pers, 24 November 2009, p. 9). The estimated shortage of
tertiary-educated graduates in 2012 is circa 100,000.


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