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 Dear Bapuji,
please check these links. I hpe they will give you some ideas.





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Dear List members,

Some of us here [in Andhra Pradesh, India] would like to bring out an abridged Telugu translation of Engels' 'Condition of the Working Calss in England'. The translation is ready and Ranganayakamma is editing the translation and we will be able to bring it out in about three months from now.
As the Moscow edition of the book does not have any photograph as its title, we would like to get a photograph showing some aspect of the condition of the working class in England of that time [mid 19th century] so that we can use it for the title cover.
We may not be able to pay any thing for the copy right holders if is obligatory since ours is a no-profit yes-loss kind of publication.[The price of the book will be half the press bill and we will get only half of that price;which means we, a group of friends, will bear the 'monetary loss' for the sake of disseminating ideas of Marx-ism.
Can any of you suggest us any sites or individuals to get such a photograph?

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