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>One has to be clear what one means by the difference in information content
>Does it mean more or less information or different information. I doubt
>that the
>genuine Dior items have more information.

It means 'different' information. Can we even quantify information?

Yes you certainly can. Can I refer you to a couple of pasges s on this based on a book I wrote with Allin, Ian and others.
It goes into considerable detail on the subject
 First a talk on the subject:
"Information and mass production Babbage to Boltzman" (
Information theory whilst it grew out of the needs of the telecoms industry, was built on foundations provided by 19th century thermodynamics. Its domain of application has over the years been seen to widen. This talk shows how information theory helps us understand the key processes that made the industrial revolution possible, by examining the close connection between entropy,  information and the technologies of mass production.
"Information, Work, and Meaning" (
an introduction to information theory by me and Greg Michaelson, it relationship to thermodynamics and to classical political economy with particular emphasis on how it applies to industrial mass production. This is the selection from our book ( or at least a draft of the book since the book is copyright)
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