Re: [OPE] intermission: value of knowledge

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Thu Nov 19 2009 - 07:07:22 EST

>> Indeed a Ford and a Buick can have exactly the same value even though the
>> information content differs.
> I agree with this. I am not saying that information is value.

Hi Paula and Paul C:

I would not agree with that. A Ford and a Buick what? Yes, I know they
are both cars. But, this is not a standardized product like sugar. While
the use-value of cars might remain the same, the SNLT required to
produce different types of cars is quite different. This doesn't mean that
the cars are sold at their value, but it does mean that we shouldn't
expect that even if they were sold at their value that the values of
Fords and Buicks are the same.

In solidarity, Jerry

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