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what is 'less reactionary'? Do you mean by cycles, the bowing to the
political wind within the limits of its general orientation? Certainly the
threats of both main British political Parties to sell the whole thing
ff - played along with by most Director Generals - keeps up the self
censorship process by the portion of well meaning if frustrated programme
directors, editors etc. But in general the BBC is an establishment, so
'reasonable', body. It is certainly much less repulsive and crudely stupid,
than Fox etc... but it is no less dangerous in its own way. One can only see
how the BBC world (radio) service is more far reaching as it has to adapt to
a much larger audience, and one that is thus better infromed than the
'great' British public.( Of course that World Service is effectively run by
the foreign office) The BBC adapts in order to constrain. eg it acts as a
wall behind which the viewer here would learn nothing of Latin America if
there were not other sources. Its editors cover major international issues,
often in seconds, so as to be able to boast coverage. It is 'infotainment'
in that wonderful US expression.

paul bl.

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>> No Jurriaan the BBC is NOT becoming increasingly right wing... you are
>> just recognising an established fact.
> Hi Paul B:
> Well, obviously, you're closer to this situation that I am. I did
> notice,
> though, that post-9/11 the reportage on "BBC World News"
> became more right-wing. Prior to Blair, the BBC reporting on
> international affairs appeared - at least to me - to be less reactionary
> than the mainstream TV media in the US but after 9/11 it seemed to be
> just as bad.
> Maybe it goes through cycles loosely associated with imperialist wars?
> I bet the reporting during the Malvinas War was increasingly right-wing
> compared to, let's say, two years before that. More pro-nationalist,
> overtly reactionary reporting tends to happen in imperialist nations
> during
> war-time - especially noticable in the build up to and early stages of a
> war.
> In solidarity, Jerry
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