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From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Thu Nov 12 2009 - 09:29:30 EST

> Not a great programmatic answer that is it: Where to after capitalism?
> Don't ask me I haven't a clue!

It wasn't intended to be a programatic answer, Paul C.
Rather, he was proposing a sequence of "practical steps".
But, it is true that he was quite vague. I like the idea of a
having a serious debate (his 2nd step), but he doesn't make
any concrete suggestions about how such a debate would happen.
New - more horizontal - popular groups and forms of discussion are
needed, imo. (Maybe a series of Zapatista-style encuentros?) His third
step is to construct alternative decommodified modes
of production but he doesn't suggest what those alternative
modes are.

In solidarity, Jerry

The new question is, what will replace this system? What order will be
chosen out of this chaos?
We don't know.
So what are practical steps that we can and should take? I would put at the
head of the list actions that can minimise the pain that arises from the
breakdown of the existing system.
The second thing that we can do is engage in serious debate about the kind
of world system we want, and the strategy of transition.
The third thing we can do is to construct alternative decommodified modes of
Through this all, we must put at the forefront of our consciousness and our
action the struggle against the three fundamental inequalities of the world:
gender, class, and race/ethnicity/religion. This is the hardest of all -
none of us are guiltless and pure.

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