Re: [OPE] BBC E-mail: Free market flawed, says survey

From: Paul Bullock <>
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 05:25:20 EST

No Jurriaan the BBC is NOT becoming increasingly right wing... you are just
recognising an established fact.


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> The BBC is increasingly becoming very rightwing, occasionally just
> throwing in a few clumsy attempts at "understanding the other side" to
> sustain the illusion of objectivity. The presumption of the survey is that
> people across the world construct the questions in the same way, but it's
> just a neat way of ignoring what they really mean, an ideological
> exercise.
> Scratch a liberal, and there's a racist conservative underneath, eager to
> launch his own "crusade" because he believes the barbarians are at the
> gate of Rome. Plenty "consultants" are on hand to ride this gravy train.
> Rich people do not have a "financial crisis", it is just that the value of
> their stocks went down the gurgler for a while. The "financial crisis" is
> about the plunder of the state, and the plunder of ordinary working
> people.
> The intellectual farting about "regulation" is a cover for destroying
> civil liberties and civil rights, for shutting people out of a decent
> life. "Regulation" is a jingoism, and we should be thinking about what is
> really behind the rhetorical slogan.
> Jurriaan
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