RE: [OPE] sources on ussr

Date: Mon Nov 09 2009 - 07:32:36 EST

> The problem is to get reliable figures. Harrison has some good reviews
> of the post 89 revisions of the figures, but one has to approach all of
> these with a skeptical view, since most of those producing figures on
> either side have political motivations in their presentations of statistics.

hi Paul:


That's why I didn't suggest any references. The statistics on the performance

of The Soviet economy aren't reliable because they were skewed for

ideological reasons both within the USSR and by Western (primarily,

marginalist) critics. I'm not sure we'll ever get accurate statistics .... There are

some non-Stalinist estimates by those on the Left (e.g. Social Democrats

and Trotskyists) but I don't think they are reliable either since they also had

political points that they wanted to score with the numbers.


In solidarity, Jerry

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