Re: [OPE] intermission

From: Paula <>
Date: Thu Nov 05 2009 - 17:47:28 EST

Paul C wrote:
> There is a definite additional increment of labour required to write a
book, or design a new microchip, I don’t see where the problem is here.

I don't dispute that there is an additional increment of labor, the question
is - what *kind* of labor? It's the old productive/unproductive issue again.
IMO the labor of the novelist is real enough, but it's not productive (of

Notice that you say 'additional increment of labor', but this labor cannot
really be quantified. You cannot measure the labor James Joyce performed in
writing Ulysses in terms of the hours he put into it. The contribution of
this kind of labor is only qualitative -it produces only use-value.


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