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Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> Try the works of Nicolas Spulber and Alec Nove. Actually, some of the
> strongest contributions to Soviet economic performance were
> "extra-economic", namely a vast improvement in health and education. Workers
> who would have died, stayed alive, and illiterate workers learnt to read and
> write.
> Jurriaan
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Thanks I will try to get hold of some of these, I know Nove and Carr. I
was getting help from a Russian guy I met on a left forum to get data on
life expectancy changes from the 20s through the 30s and the figures he
gave me seemed to show only a slight rise during the 30s, with a much
more marked improvement during the 1950s. The point I am trying to argue
is that the Miseans who say that rational planning is impossible would
predict a slow down in growth when planning came in and a speedup when
it was removed in the 90s. My impression is that the opposite occured.
There is no doubt about a catastrophic shrinkage of output after 1990
and a huge rise in deaths. What is harder to obtain is the comparable
transition from the 20s to the 30s when figures seem very much in dispute
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