[OPE] No rise is s/v? Kliman's empirical work on the falling rate of profit

From: Jurriaan Bendien <adsl675281@telfort.nl>
Date: Sun Nov 01 2009 - 16:58:53 EST

Since I shared my idea with you, could you send me a copy of the paper? I
would be interested to read it.

I thought of a numerical example involving five kids trading marbles in
different colours. It starts with simple exchange, evolves into accumulation
of various forms, and culminates in the attempt to gain trading advantage
from the probability that the trade will occur in a certain pattern at some
future date, plus the attempt to insure against the probability of trading
losses. In the process, the roles of the five traders change, each one
specializing in trading activities that seem most advantageous. The trading
system becomes increasingly unstable, and eventually implodes, causing
unexpected losses and reducing the scope of trade. However, writing that up
and working out the numbers takes a lot of time which I do not have at
present. The moral of the story: have you lost your marbles?

I have invested quite a bit of time in writing for OPE-L in recent times,
and probably it is a good idea to cut back on this activity now and devote
more time to other matters that matter more. If I can get more stuff
actually up to publication standard it probably has more benefit. An
academic publishes a few papers per year, but if you try to respond to
scholarly controversies at a moment's notice more or less daily, in between
the scenes, well that becomes quite difficult to sustain after a while and
you don't get credit for it anyway. All it says is that I've thought about
it and that I have ideas about it, even so there's no time to give the full
Monty, and it is really better to work things out in detail, in more depth.


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