RE: [OPE] No rise is s/v? Kliman's empirical work on the falling rate of profit

Date: Thu Oct 22 2009 - 16:30:52 EDT

> although the definition of "unproductive labour" admittedly makes
> a big difference to the result,


That's the point, Jurriaan. A big difference.


> Dr Kliman is quite justified in considering only the corporate sector,

> since the categories and concepts Marx uses refer specifically to

> capitalist production (the private sector), and not to all economic

> activity subsumed under the heading "production".


A proportion of the total labor employed in the "private sector"

is also unproductive labor.


Of course, Kliman is free to dispense with the concepts of productive

and unproductive labor if he sees fit. This, however, would directly

contradict the core claim of TSS - i.e. that it is simply a presentation

of "Marx's Marxism'.


In solidarity, Jerry

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