RE: [OPE] chaos and organization with reference to capitalism

Date: Sun Oct 04 2009 - 19:37:51 EDT

>> That's the big problem for the application of chaos theory to political
>> economy, imo. Capitalism isn't chaotic. The 'anarchy of capitalist
>> production' doesn't translate into chaos: one needs to grasp
>> tendencies which produce stability and instability. Otherwise
>> all you see are the potential vulnerabilities of capitalism but
>> fail to grasp how it has been able to reproduce itself as a
>> mode of production. Capitalism hasn't blown apart - we need to
>> understand why.
> I think this is a misunderstanding of the theoretical frameworks from
> which Ian is borrowing his concepts. It is not chaos theory but rather
> statistical mechanics and control theory.
Hi Dave Z:
Yes, I understood that: I was thinking in the above comment about some other
heterodox economists who have touted chaos theory. In fact, I was agreeing with
a point which Ian made in a post.
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