RE: [OPE] Weird scenes inside the gold mine

Date: Thu Oct 01 2009 - 14:02:20 EDT

> In a place like Bangladesh, for example, millions of people are under
> threat of starvation. The risk they and more particularly their infants run
> is almost literally a risk of being dead or alive. Mr Stiglitz and Mr
> Sarkhozy want a "happiness index", but surely, for the sake of a more
> balanced risk analysis, we ought to be concerned with human risks? I don't
> want to sound like a Kennedy, but I think there are surely big conceptual
> and moral problems in the political economy of the modern world? Shoot me if
> you like, but if there is nothing even to eat, there will not be a better
> world.


Hi Jurriaan:


Well, there IS enough to eat. I.e. there is MORE than enough food in the

world to feed everyone in the world. The problem is not the shortage of

food, it is the shortage of money, i.e. world poverty. In modern (capitalist)

history, there has been no instance of famine in which the most wealthy

starved to death. While this is 'weird' from a human perspective

it is simply an expression of the internal logic of capitalism.


In solidarity, Jerry


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