[OPE] Status Update on China

From: <glevy@pratt.edu>
Date: Fri Sep 25 2009 - 08:16:45 EDT

I received an email from Sidney Gluck on the "Beijing
Review"  which called
attention  to a # of articles,
including: "Status Update: China is a Market Economy".

I think this is significant to the extent that it, in 
Gluck's words,

"present China's view at this moment in

While the author is not from China, it's
significant that the _Beijing Review_
printed it and did so without
editorial comment.

The 'transition' of China to capitalism,
imo, happened many years ago 
_but_ the CCP (state) leadership
continued to claim that the PRC was
socialist - market
socialist.  Now, it seems, they no longer persist in making
that claim.

In solidarity, Jerry

I_Status Update:
China Is A Market Economy -- Beijing Review_


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