[OPE] Claudio K on the solution to the crisis

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* Claudio Katz on Latin America, the right and imperialism: `The solution
to the crisis of capitalism has to be political' - http://feedblitz.com/r.asp?l=41140291&f=343373&u=12973661&c=0

Claudio Katz.

Claudio Katz interviewed by
Fernando Arellano Ortiz. Translated by John Mage for IIRE.

July 10, 2009 -- The
exit from the systemic crisis of capitalism
needs to be political and
"a socialist project can mature in
this turbulence". So says the
Argentine economist, philosopher
and sociologist Claudio Katz,
who also warns that the "global
economic situation is very serious and
is going to have to hit
bottom, and now we are but in the first moment

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