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> I certainly think there is current work in Marxist political economy that=
 surpasses anything that the TSSI
> debates have produced by far. Contrast their debates with the empirical w=
ork that Shaikh has done on the
> labour theory of value=2C or Farjoun and Machover's theoretical work on t=
he statistical invariants of=20
> capitalist economies=2C or Dumenil and Levy's tests on technical change a=
nd the so-called "Okishio theorem"=2C=20
> to take a few examples.

Hi Dave Z:
True=2C but these topics also tend to be pitched at a pretty high level of =
Compared to=2C let's say=2C the 1970s you can see less research and debates=
 on international
political economy (including theories of trade and imperialism) and the sta=
te (including
theories of public finance - although there wasn't much writing on that in =
 the 70s either).
OTOH=2C there is more writing and research on monetary theory and policy - =
and that's a=20
good thing given what had been a traditional 'productivist' emphasis by man=
y Marxists which
downplayed the role of money. There has also been Marxian research on polit=
ical economy
in other disciplines than economics and that should be recognized=2C e.g. g=
and accounting.
In solidarity=2C Jerry =
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