Re: [OPE] Call for Papers for MARXISM 21

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Mon Sep 21 2009 - 06:29:21 EDT

2009/9/21 Philip Dunn wrote

> Yes. Economics typically has regressive research programmes and disdains
> to produce any testable predictions. The movement from dual systems to
> SSSI and TSSI and beyond is progressive and irreversible.

But has the so-called TSSI school generated any testable predictions?

Or is it, as Kliman seemed to claim at a conference, that the point is
merely to force all economists to apologize for their rejection of Marx. (As
if a logical proof was all that was stopping them from engaging in Marxist
political economy...)

> There is
> nothing else, is there?
I certainly think there is current work in Marxist political economy that
surpasses anything that the TSSI debates have produced by far. Contrast
their debates with the empirical work that Shaikh has done on the labour
theory of value, or Farjoun and Machover's theoretical work on the
statistical invariants of capitalist economies, or Dumenil and Levy's tests
on technical change and the so-called "Okishio theorem", to take a few

They constitute real scientific advances of a different order than numerical
examples of one-corn models.

//Dave Z

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