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> Yes. Economics typically has regressive research programmes and disdains
> to produce any testable predictions. The movement from dual systems to
> SSSI and TSSI and beyond is progressive and irreversible. There is
> nothing else=2C is there?
Hi Phil:
I don't think you can see the forest for the tress.
Yes=2C there is more to Marxian discourse than the ultra-narrow=20
focus on the quantitative theory of Marx - but you'd never
know it by reading TSSI writers. As the name says - and as they
themselves repeatedly and consistently emphasize - it is a=20
TSS *interpretation of Marx* (more specifically=2C his quantitative=20
theory=2C not his social theory as a whole). That's why it will
never amount to anything of significance: its scope is way too=20
narrow and its research programe is *truly* regressive.
You say there is nothing else. But=2C there is much else even in=20
the very limited realm of value theory. For instance=2C there is
the identity between value and price which you share with VF=20
theorists. This is the thesis which was subject to extremely harsh
(bordering on insulting) critique by TSSI followers. Why? Because
of its alleged lack of fidelity to the Master. How Jesuitical!
In solidarity=2C Jerry =
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