Re: [OPE] Call for Papers for MARXISM 21

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 08:49:25 EDT

> However, I wonder whether you think the so-called TSSI school and its
> debates have contributed anything
> positive to Marxist political economy?

I predict, Dave Z, that the time spent on debating the TP and the time spent
debating the TSSI perspective will be considered in due course in the
of Marxian political economy as the "Great Detour".

While representing what promised to be a fresh way of looking at political
the TSSI and debates around that perspective have long since been sterile
and debate focused on hermeneutics. TSSIers have contributed a lot of smoke
some magic tricks (and bad feeling) but not much else, if anything, imo.

I still believe there is potential for making genuine contributions by
but - after all these years - it doesn't look like it will happen for a long
and not by current advocates of the TSSI since - mule like - they remain
focused on hermeneutics.

In solidarity, Jerry

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