RE: [OPE] Specially for Patrick Bond: David Harvey on equilibrium

Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 08:41:31 EDT

> Poor old Karl Marx...
Rather, poor old listmembers who want to discuss some questions without referring
to "poor old ---- ----". THe scientific question here is quite independent
of the trivial, sterile hermeneutic question of what ---- did or did not
say. I've long since made a serious effort to not even mention ----'s name on
this list because I know from experience that as soon as his name is mentioned
the discussions center around ---- hermeneutics.
I will leave it to the clairvoyant of the list to make comments like the
> if he could see these discussions no doubt he would
> laugh his head off, or at least tear his hair out with frustration about the
> insipidly poor level of discussion.
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