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 Thank you, Jerry, I understand.




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Dogan and Dave:

Jurriaan doesn't take out the "RE:", he just doesn't add it.

Rather than receiving postings he receives his messages through

the archives and then composes replies. That means that he has

to manually type in the subject line, I think. I feel confident

in saying that he intended no offense to anyone on  the list by

so doing.

I think this illustrates the wisdom of the following: given two or

more possible interpretations of the motivations of listmembers,

I think it's a good idea in the absence of evidence to the contrary to

pick the most charitable one. We don't need unnecessary fights based

on misreadings and misunderstandings.

Agreed. I did not agree with Dogan's sense of being 'insulted'! Just that removing the common subject line makes it harder to follow a thread, especially when the posts are written in an impersonal style, without reply lines etc.

//Dave Z


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