Re: [OPE] Specially for Patrick Bond: David Harvey on equilibrium

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Thu Sep 17 2009 - 05:31:25 EDT

2009/9/17 DGöçmen <>

> Your impersonal statements starting with *you* (who?) and your monologs
> replying to a list member but taking out *Re*s I take as an insult.
> Therefore, I usually do not reply to your contributions. The above is for
> the sake of clarity.
I agree with this. Jurriaan, you often make interesting points but the style
of your posts make it hard to read and engage in discussion. They are often
impersonal, add unnecessary points about this or that type of 'Marxists',
and are rarely concise enough for one to follow the main argument. Why do
you remove the "Re:"?

If the style could be changed it would be for the benefit of us all.

//Dave Z

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