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> Now you can toss your copies....
> In solidarity, Jerry
>> 13 September 2009: The Marxists Internet Archive is pleased to announce
>> the completion of the year long project to transcribe all 16 volumes of
>> the J. V. Stalin Works. With this accomplishment, the J. V. Stalin
>> Archive is not only the fourth largest writerís archive in the MIA after
>> Marx/Engels, V. I. Lenin and Daniel Deleon, but, to our knowledge, the
>> only site on the internet that houses the complete set of Stalinís Works.
>> [Thanks primarily to Salil Sen, but also Brian Reid, Mike B. and Victor
>> Barraza]_______________________________________________
There has been some discussion on this, some people are saying that the
collection is far from complete. The soviets stopped publishing his
writings after his death, and the last 3 vols of the collection were
originally published in the US and then I think published in India.
These are said to be patchy in their coverage.
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