Re: [OPE] A thought about Rosa Lichtenstein's problem (rejoinder)

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 14:16:06 EDT

> "Rosa" (she or he is talking cowardly from behind a pseudonym) claims:


It's not cowardly for a radical to use a pseudonym in capitalist society.

> BTW Rosa's Phd dissertation must be total rubbish,
> you can tell that straightaway from the puberal mode of argumentation.

That's quite a (illogical) leap. The form of argumentation used in Net
communications might differ substantially from that used in a dissertation.
In any event, if you haven't read the dissertation you don't know.

As for the rest, your smoke obscures your light. Better to stay on
message, imo.

In solidarity, Jerry
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