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Int. J. of Management Concepts and Philosophy. See below Regards, A. Agafonow -------------------------------------------------- From: Mike Haynes I am trying to encourage people from the left to write for the journal but because it is located in business and management which can be a hostile environment we normally have to 'spin' pieces as critiques of their views rather than more explicit developments of ours. But don't let this put you off. I am working hard as editor to get contributions submitted to our review process and am beginning to have some success - see e-mail below. If you submit a piece or an outline I am happy to give advice. I do hope you will feel encouraged to do so and to draw this to the attention of any contacts you have... The International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy is a peer reviewed journal looking at business and related issues that over the last couple of years under my de facto editorship has tried to provide a home for more radical pieces from academics working in an otherwise hostile environment in business and related areas. We are increasing our number of issues and welcome more papers from critical scholars which engage with some of the establishment pieties that appear in business and management. We are open to both theoretical pieces and the use of empirical case studies to deconstruct and attack bigger concepts. Past contributors have included Jane Hardy looking at how the rhetoric of knowledge transfer can be a mask for exploitation of companies that are taken over; Ben Selwyn critiquing supply chain literature for ignoring social relations and showing how bottlenecks in the supply chain can aid effective workers action; Chris Yuill
 detailing some of the debate about health and work and alienation; Gareth Dale and others taking apart the talk of green shift in business; Rachel Aldred attacking the misuse of qualitative research methods to support state policy and so on. We have also rescued some papers that have been circulating in samizidat including Hugo Radice's paper on how the higher education system in the UK has come to mirror elements of the old USSR and the attached piece by Colin Barker carved out of one his many unpublished papers. Anyone on the HM list who might wish to submit a piece is invited to e-mail me and I will get back with an idea of whether it might be suitable. The journal website is http://www.inderscience.com/browse/index.php?journalID=90&year=2007&vol=2&issue=3

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