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I thank you very much for everything you do for our mostly wonderful internet community.
Even in intriguing questions I feel save and is therefore the first to consult everytime.





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Today is the 14th (fourteenth) birthday of the list.
Happy birthday, OPE-L! That includes each and every one of
you - the actual corpus of the list.
I haven't tabulated the statistics (I just got back
on land a few days ago) on postings, participation,
and membership from the last year, but I can do that *if*
anyone says they would like to see them. If someone
says they want it, I can prepare the #s and send them
in a few days time.
I think the stats will show, though, that the #s on
postings and participation roughly correspond to our
historical average.
The big change in the list in the last year was the
creation of the Administrative Committee to replace
the old Advisory Committee. Membership in the new committee
was randomly determined. Current members include
Alejandro A, Dave Z, Ian, Jurriaan, and Michael S.
(At this time, I want again to thank all of those who
served previously on the list administrative committee including
Alfredo, Alejandro VB, Allin, and Fred). For the most0Apart, discussions by the new AC have concerned new
candidates for the list, but they have been - and continue
to be - free to raise any issue related to list business.
We are structurally quite possibly (???) the most directly
democratic discussion list on the Internet.
Once again I want to thank each and every one of you for being
part of this collaborative group. Whatever successes - and
failures - we have had as a list are due to each and all of you.
In solidarity, Jerry
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