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 Hi Ian,
sorry for the delay of my reply to this question.
German political economist Werner Hoffmann draws an analogy in his paper "Poverty of National Economy" from 1968 that may interest you:

"Man kann sich wohl schwerlich eine Theorie der
Mechanik ohne das Hebelgesetz, eine Astronomie ohne die Lehre
von der Gravitation, eine Biologie ohne Einsicht in die Vorgänge
der Zellvermehrung denken. In der tlkonomie aber gedeiht eine
Produktionstheorie ohne Konzept von dem Prozeß der Wertschöpfung,
und sie befindet sich wohl dabei."

It says: "One can hardly imagine a theory of mechanics without lever law, astronomy without the theory of gravitation, biology without the cognition of the process of cell multiplication. In economy however there expands a theory of production without the concept of the process of value creation, and it fells well in that."

If you are interested I can send you the exact source etc.

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I'm writing a paragraph drawing on the analogy between labor-values as
properties of commodities in virtue of the law of value, and weight as
a property of mass in virtue of the law of gravity. I'm certain this
analogy is not original, and I wondered if anyone knew who first
expressed this ana
logy so I can reference them?

Thanks for any help.
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