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* New books reveal Friedrich Engels‚&euro;&trade; revolutionary life
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British edition.

Engels: A Revolutionary Life, by John
Green, Artery Publications, 2008.

General: The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels, by Tristram Hunt,
Macmillan/Metropolitan, 2009. (First published in Britain as The
Frock-Coated Communist: The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels.)

Reviewed by Ian Angus

August 24, 2009 -- Socialist
Voice -- Most people on the left know that Friedrich Engels was co-author
of the Communist Manifesto
and Karl Marx‚&euro;&trade;s
lifelong collaborator. But few of today‚&euro;&trade;s radicals know

much more than that about the man who built barricades and fought a

guerrilla war in Germany in the 1848-49 revolution, the
organiser who played a decisive role in building the
Marxist current
from a handful of exiles in the 1850s into the
dominant trend in the
international working-class movement by the
time of his death in 1895.

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