Re: [OPE] Are Regulation Theorists Marxists?

From: Alejandro Valle Baeza <>
Date: Wed Aug 19 2009 - 14:34:33 EDT

Hi DGöçmen , I think there are Marxist theories and not only one. I
recall David Gordon (important theorist of Social Structure of
Accumulation School SSA, passed away some years ago) asserting: "I am
Marxist and I am not willing to discuss it".
SSA and French Regulation School are eclectic:
Marx+Keynes+Institutionalism (Veblen).
In my view eclecticism is contradictory; however I think that is
necessary to be respectful with eclectic Marxisms (like Regulation
I think, non-eclectic Marxism is the right one but it do not imply that
I reject Regulation School at all. On the contrary I am sure that
non-eclectic Marxism
should learn from SSA and French Regulation Schools.
In short, I think that Regulation theories are Marxist if they accept
such adjective.

Alejandro Valle Baeza

DGöçmen wrote:
> Dear All,
> can the regulation theories classified as Marxist, if yes, in what
> sense, and if not why?
> Is there a Marxist critique of regulation theories that takes into
> account the varity whitin the regulation school?
> Thanks for your replies and references in advance.
> D.Göçmen
> D.Göçmen
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