RE: [OPE] G.A. Cohen

Date: Fri Aug 07 2009 - 16:15:29 EDT

> This is sad news. We lost Gowan, Arrighi and Cohen all within a short
> time span.

Hi Dave Z:
I'm afraid that an entire generation (or generations) of Marxians is in the
process of passing. All the more pressing is the need to attract and
educate a new generation in political economy.
The current economic crisis is an opportunity to attract others to
Marxism, but I fear it is quickly becoming an opportunity lost.
Not the least of the reasons why is that Marxians - for the
most part - don't have a coherent story for the crisis and an
alternative programme (to Keynesianism, et al) for how the crisis
should be resolved for the benefit of the working class.
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