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From: GERALD LEVY <gerald_a_levy@msn.com>
Date: Thu Aug 06 2009 - 17:54:16 EDT

Hi all:
If any of you _want_ to send an attachment to the list, that's OK.
I often do it myself, e.g. sending papers as an attachment. If you
do so, it's always a good idea to alert the reader in the post that
you are including an attachment.
If you are just sending a regular post, then a way of ensuring that
you don't send both a reply _and_ a reply as an attachment (i.e.
basically two identical replies, one 'enriched' and one not) is to
check to see that you are sending it as *plain text*. Most
email systems will allow you to chose between "rich text" and
"plain text". Choose the latter - for the benefit of some other
subscribers. While there are benefits to "rich text" (e.g. changing
fonts, font sizes, italicizing, boldness, and inserting color, etc.)
these benefits are problems for other members who can't read your messages.
I'm afraid I have been guilty in the past of not doing this out of
ignorance but then I figured that there are easy ways (at least with my
addresses) to send messages in plain text,
It is well to remember that we do not have a 'one size fits all'
system because we use many different kinds of email systems and
forms of connectivity. Thus, some prefer a link to a paper rather than
an attached paper if it is available online and others (generally with
slower connections) strongly prefer that papers be attached. All that
we can do is be sensitive to each others needs.
In solidarity, Jerry
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