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Dear Claus and Michael;

Thank you for prompt answers, which help me a lot to understand what happened.
 As for the note in the Penguin English edition, it seems very misleading.


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>Dear Makoto,
>both informations are correct, but the information given in Penguin
>edition is incomplete. This note didn't exist in the second German
>edition of "Capital", which was edited by Marx himself. The note was
>included in the third German edition by Engels. But it was not Engels
>who wrote the note. Engels found it in Marx's own copy of the second
>German edition, as an handwritten addition by Marx (when Marx did this
>and other additions is not clear). Engels reformulated the note very
>slightly, put it in the text of the third German edition and added in
>brackets that it is a note of Marx for the third editon. The original
>note in the formulation of Marx can be found in the aparatus volume of
>MEGA II/8 p.861.
>Best wishes
> schrieb:
>> Dear friends (especially Michael Heinrich and onther specialists of MEGA);
>> The note 50 of chap.3 of Capital vol.1, states that there is 'the special s
>> of crisis, ・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹, which may appear independently of the rest, and only af
>> ts industry and commerce by its backwash. The pivot of these crises is to b
e f
>> ound in money capital, and their immediate sphere of impact is therefore ba
>> ng, the stock exchange and finance.'
>> I am interested in this, since we difined it as the second type of monetary
>> isis in the section 6.1.2 and its note 1 in our book, Political Economy of
>> ey and Finace (1999, Macmillan). It seems relevant at least to some extent
>> a characterization of the Subprime financial global crisis.
>> May I ask any of your help to indintify (desirably with some evidence) who
>> te this impressive note in the third edition of Capital vol.1, Engels or Ma
>> The current popular English Penguin version (transl. by B. Fowkes) somehow
>> ys it by Engels, whreas the German ordinary version in Marx and Engels Werk
e 2
>> 3 does not, and means it is by Marx. Why is there such difference between E
>> ish and German version?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Makoto Itoh
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