RE: [OPE] the dogma of free markets

Date: Sat Jun 13 2009 - 06:57:45 EDT

> Concerning USSR, we have to remember the difficulties that Evsei Liberman and Leonid Kantorovich faced to develop their theories, facing an intricate net of patronage even to publish. This is particularly striking in the case of Kantorovich given the technical nature of his work. In fact, these and other few soviet scholars enjoyed recognition after the doctrinaire change of the bureaucracy, due to the economic disaster of USSR before the Second World War. Even under these circumstances, itís hard to say that there was room for free market supporters in USSR. Central planning was an uncontested dogma.
How ironic it is, Alejandro, that you should refer to central planning as a dogma right after
referring to free market supporters. *Anyone* who advocates free markets, or even believes that
there is such a system in reality call a free market system, is either a dogmatist or grossly
ignorant or both.

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